Why should we use Google display ads?

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There are tens of thousands of websites in the Google Adsense network, and with Google Display ads we can advertise on them.

We can target websites like Youtube, Gmail, hvg.hu, vg.hu, nemzetisport.hu, vatera.hu, startlap.hu etc.

There are multiple target methods:

  • Contextual targeting: based on our keywords context the system shows our ads on sites with relevant articles.
  • Placement targeting: we can target specific websites.
  • Website topic targeting: Google adds each sites to one or more categories.
  • Interest targeting: Google knows which sites each users visited and what they are searching for (you can find your own interests here). With these data the system add each user to more interest categories
  • Demographic targeting: when we create a Google Account (e.g. for Youtube, Gmail, Google+ etc.) from the date we gave the system will know our age and gender which can be targeted (if we are logged in).
  • Remarketing targeting: with a code snippet on our site we can retarget our visitors on the Google Display network.
  • Similar user targeting: based on our remarketing list the system targets new users with the same interest and search patterns.
  • E-mail address targeting: we can upload and target our customers’ e-mail addresses.

We can combine these targeting methods in different ways for very specific targeting.

Texts, images, videos are also eligible to advertise with.

There are click and also impression based pricing methods.

We can track conversions and ROI too.

Google Ads let us start or end our campaigns whenever we like.

We can generate searches for our products.

Google Display ads allow us to build our image in a very specific target group.


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