Facebook is a must. Why?

4.8 million users in Hungary (7.17 million internet users in the country), 1.5 billion users worldwide.

Precise targeting:

  • to age (e.g. you can target only 33-year-olds):


  • to gender (e.g. 33-year-old men):


  • location (e.g. 33-year-old women living in Budapest):


  • interest (e.g. 18-30-year-old women living in Szeged interested in Rubint Réka):


  • family status (e.g. married, 35-50-year-old men living in Pécs):

családi állapot

  • age of the children (e.g. 4-12-year-old women with 1-3-year-old children):

gyerekek kora

  • qualification (e.g. 25-30-year-old women and men living in Pécs with a degree):


  • spoken languages (e.g. men with degree speaking german interested in programming):

beszélt nyelvek

Flexible, you can start and stop anytime.

We can pay per clicks or per 1000 impressions.

Conversion optimization is possible (e.g. purchase, booking, app install etc.)

Multiple adformat is available:

  • for likes: like ads, page post ads
  • for external website traffic: clicks to website ads, conversion ads
  • for increasing FB app usage: app engagement and app install ads
  • for advertising mobile apps: app install ads
  • for more fan activity, engagement on our FB page: page post ads (photo, text, event, video etc.)
You can launch FB ads from 1000 Ft (3 EUR) per day, you only need a credit card or a PayPal account for it.

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