Why should we advertise on Google?

adwords konverzió

Most of the people use the internet primarily for search.

The most popular search engine in the world is Google, and its advertising platform is Google Ads.

The search spending volume is rising each year. This number of advertisers can not be wrong.

When users are typing a search term in Google’s search box, they are looking for a solution, an alternative. It is the best moment to appear them an ad with our product, service.

40% of the users don’t know that they click to an ad. The study showed that 81% of the people actually clicked to an ad. The consequence is that the first organic position is worthless if 3 ads are before our search result.

Google Ads campaigns can be launched and stopped whenever we want. We can edit our adtexts realtime unlike in organic results where a change will appear much more later, that is why it is not for ad hoc promotions.

We can define what is the maximum cost we are willing to pay for a click. If we track the return on our adspends, we can modify our bids for the maximum profit.

With adgroups we can define what adtexts we want to appear for certain keywords. For example if somebody is searching for christmas gift, we can show him/her an ad that says we have tens of thousands of products to choose from. If the search phrase is an exact laptop type, we can show an ad which states that we have this type on stock and now we offer 10% discount and free shipping. So we can differentiate our ads to show the right ad at the right moment to the right.

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